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5,000 Rubies

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Minefox Games

List of All the Fun Minigames!

Player Cloud Servers

The Player Cloud Servers! An amazing feature in Minefox that allows players to have fun with their buddies without going into public Minefox Sessions. Join Minefox now and go into the Game Selector menu, find Cloud servers and click to search for public friend sessions, or find only Friend Cloud Servers, and join the fun!

Party Games

So it may not be a nightclub or a disco, but its still a ton of fun! Compete against other players in loads of fun, fast-paced, minigames! Join Minefox MC now, go into the Game Selector, and choose "Party Games", you'll have a ton of fun, playing these games. Play with your friends and you'll earn about 0.25x more Rubies!


The Minefox Realms is the first ever Minigame created in the Minefox Network by The Minefox Leader team. It is a competetive Minigame where you make either a realm, or a realm and a guild. If you make a Guild, you will have to compete with others and conquer enemy Guilds! Your goal is to get to the First Place on the Leaderboard!


Fight for your castle in a giant 8v8 battle called Kingdoms, pick one of 10 unique classes and destroy your opponents core. Once a core is destroyed it's team cant come back to life and then can be slain by the stronger team. Group up to create a stronger team and create a perfect team composition. With unlockable characters and a ranked mode, you will have loads to work for.

Minefox Royale

Welcome to the new Minefox island and get ready for battle in Minefox Royale, drop in of your ender dragon, gather resources, craft your weapons and slay your opponents. With a giant map with deep inter-connecting caves and underwater temples, there's a lot to explore; with 32 players, there's also a lot to kill! Join the fun now, and explore the huge world! Free for all!


Do you just want to practice your PVP Skills? Or do you feel like going all out and fighting the most victorious and hardcore players? You can do it with Duels! Join the amazing minigame, and experience the real battle, with Hardcore PVP fighting. Custom Maps, kits and more.

Minefox Support

Don't worry! We're here to help.

Discord Support

Contact the Minefox Support Team on Discord by clicking the button below to get Invited to the Official Minefox Discord server. Get help by asking nicely in the #home or #home-exotic channel.

Twitter Support

Contact the Minefox Support Team on Twitter by clicking the button below to get redirected to the Official Minefox Twitter page. You can get help by asking in DM, you will get a response from one of our Assist members.

Staff Application

Do you want to be part of the Minefox Network? Do you want to contribute, and help make it an even better, more sucessful server? If so, do the Staff Application. We will review the Application Form soon.

Unban Application

Do you think that you have been Unfairly Punished in the Minefox Network? If so, click the button below to start the Application, once you submit it, you'll get answer from us in Discord!


Check out whats new in the Minefox Network by clicking the button down below. All changes, new things, and bug fixes will be shown, in the Hastebin page. Go check it out!


We listen to the community! Do you want to give us ideas? Or report bugs, well you can do that here. Just click the button below to fill out your form. We might consider your amazing ideas, but do keep it realistic. You will not get a response, we will just read your message.

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