Exotic Perks

Notice: Minefox is in Beta, perks which are red are still being made.

Notice: More perks coming soon! Support Minefox by buying Exotic!


● Glowing Emerald Badge in your /profile, showing when you have received Exotic

● You receive the Ice halo and the Flame halo particle, with Exotic.

● You receive the Exotic Only Bubble Wings wing.

● Fly in realms by using the /fly command!

● Green prefix in chat, tablist.

● All inventories and GUI's are green for you.

● You receive access to the Realms In game premium shop.

● You can purchase your own special Cloud Server in Minefox, which can be private.

● Your Inbox can have unlimited mail.


Before you can get Discord Perks, you have to Link with Minecraft! From "My Profile".

● You can attach files, such as images and files.

● You get access to Exotic Voice and Text channels.

● You can use External Emojis, if you have Discord Nitro.

Exotic Role

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Lifetime for ‎£7.99

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